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Big day for Video Game I’d say. I’ll summarize the Presss Conference as short as possible with links.

A big day for Microsoft. They have impressive technologies, especially Kinect on display. They started off their conference with third party that impressed the audience with, Modern Warfare 3 and Tomb Raider. Gamers were also very excited when they demonstrate Gears of Wars 3 by Cliff Bleszinski himself with special guest, Ice-T.

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God Of War III Ultimate Edition

The unboxing of the God of War III Ultimate Edition. The Pandora Box is somehow just nice but actually not what I am expecting. Inside the box contain a Pandora Box, a God of War III art book, DLCs and of course the game itself. Click Continue to see more!

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Gaming Clothing for Geeks!

Hey, being a geek isn’t that all bad. I got myself 2 World of Warcraft T-shirts off from J!NX, eventhough I don’t play WoW anymore but I still love their art and designs. Another I got from Play-Asia which is the Final Fantasy XIII Odin T-shirt which got sold out, but too bad Japan cutting is too small for me even it’s in size L. Interested to get some of those? Head over to J!NX or Play-Asia now to have a look!

Tales of Graces

Tales of Graces is finally here! Well, actually it arrived 3 days ago. Thanks to Play-Asia for their fast delivery service. Tales of Graces is one of the highest mark given by Famitsu together with Tales of the Abyss, 36/40. The picture above are obviously the game itself, the single album by BoA and the Dramatic DVD which is the preorder gift. This game also comes with Pay to Play system which is the costume that you are able to purchase off from the Japanese Wii Shop.

Uncharted 2 is OUT!


After the long wait, Uncharted 2: Among Theives is finally OUT! Grab one at your gaming specialized shop near you today! I can’t wait to receive mine tomorrow! That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and see you!

Human Alliance Skids


I was working at my friend’s hobby shop and heard there will be a Human Alliance (HA) Skids coming on the way. So I took this chance to reserve one myself when the stock arrived this morning. Surprisingly, the stock for HA Skids are very very little. Overall the HA Skids is really awesome. Of course there are pros and cons to the action figure itself. But even you are going to read the rest, I recommend you to get it. Especially if you already have owned the other HA series.

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