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Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Chinese New Year 2010 is finally here and I wishes you all reader a very Happy Chinese New Year 2010 and may prosperous land upon you. This year there will be a lot of upcoming collectibles and games to buy, hope you get a lot of Ang Pao, so called Red Packet this year! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

It’s not just an ordinary Friday, It’s New Year 2010! Time to have some time with your beloved collections or normally hang out with friends. So, it’s a new year already. What are your Anime, Collectibles or Gaming resolution 2010?

My Room Setup Oct 09


Just got myself a new Samsung 32″ HDTV Series 6, I must say I’m very pleased with the outcome of the TV. Now I no longer use my friend’s LCD monitor and I’m on my own. So here it is, my new room setup for the mean time. Thanks for viewing and see you!

MBO Cinema @ The Spring


Yesterday, 09.09.09 was the grand opening for the MBO Cinema at The Spring. Many went to the Cinema and went,”Woah!”, as this may seems to be the biggest cinema in the East Malaysia. As for me, I got to say this must one of best of all ever in Kuching, the setting, everything looks so luxury.

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