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Sony is also well known for their long press conference, well this year is the same. Jack Tretton showed up and apologizing for the recent PSN outage, which came along a welcoming big announcements. There isn’t much new PS3 titles, but on stages showed Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, previously announced but now with a final name. Both Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3 looked amazing. And followed up with Bioshock Inifinite with Move compatibility as well as a  little announcement that Bioshock is on it’s way to Vita. Sony once again collaborating with EA, with the upcoming SSX, Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed: The Run will be having extras exclusively for the PS3.

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Electronic Arts is rather straightforward this time around.All those title announced by EA looks fantastic. Breathtaking full tank war, Battlefield 3, a new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the epic huge monster battle, Mass Effect 3. Furthermore there’s a surprise for Need for Speed: The Run where you not only race but now with human action as well and not to forget the long waited Insomniac’s 1st multiplatform title, Overstrike. On the sport’s side, they have the fan’s long waited, SSX, not to forget their famous sport franchise FIFA12 and NFL12.

Big day for Video Game I’d say. I’ll summarize the Presss Conference as short as possible with links.

A big day for Microsoft. They have impressive technologies, especially Kinect on display. They started off their conference with third party that impressed the audience with, Modern Warfare 3 and Tomb Raider. Gamers were also very excited when they demonstrate Gears of Wars 3 by Cliff Bleszinski himself with special guest, Ice-T.

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I'm on OTACOOL3!


Uploaded for the lulz and did not expect to be selected. Picture taken by my friend, Joseph. Thanks! On the other side, OTACOOL3 is now still available at Amazon Japan. Go get it now! Also, I will be also moving my blog soon as my friend does not want to continue this domain.

Rock Band 3 Unveiled!

Update (June 11th): More information for screenshot and the new peripheral.

Hold on to your hats folks… here’s the first look at in-game footage of Rock Band 3.

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Killzone 3 teaser trailer is finally here. I can see a lot of brutal close combat in the teaser. Go watch it now!

Keyboard on RB3

That’s right folks, RB3 comes with keyboard. When the time you play the song “Won’t get fool again”, during the solo keyboard part you just cant get the feeling of a need for a keyboard to play instead everyone there waiting. This shows up at the end of the Green Days: Rock Band demo. That means that when playing a full band in Rock Band 3, you’ll apparently have guitar, bass, drums, lead vocals, two back-up vocals, and keyboard — seven people in total. So when Harmonix recently teased that “you’ll be surprised at just how big Rock band 3 really is,” it looks like they literally meant it in terms of the ridiculous amount of physical space it will take up in your living quarters.


Sony Expo 2010

Today I was suppose to revise all my concept art designs but instead I went to Sony Expo 2010 with my friends at Mid Valley. Sony Expo 2010 is all about giving audience a chance to experience what it is like to watch movie or play video games in 3D. Also they also give us experience on the next gen gaming on PS3 and PSPgo.

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God Of War III Ultimate Edition

The unboxing of the God of War III Ultimate Edition. The Pandora Box is somehow just nice but actually not what I am expecting. Inside the box contain a Pandora Box, a God of War III art book, DLCs and of course the game itself. Click Continue to see more!

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White Playstation 3 Slim with the words “Final Fantasy XIII” imprint on it. Probably everyone already knew what it is.

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