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Rock Band 3 Unveiled!

Update (June 11th): More information for screenshot and the new peripheral.

Hold on to your hats folks… here’s the first look at in-game footage of Rock Band 3.

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Keyboard on RB3

That’s right folks, RB3 comes with keyboard. When the time you play the song “Won’t get fool again”, during the solo keyboard part you just cant get the feeling of a need for a keyboard to play instead everyone there waiting. This shows up at the end of the Green Days: Rock Band demo. That means that when playing a full band in Rock Band 3, you’ll apparently have guitar, bass, drums, lead vocals, two back-up vocals, and keyboard — seven people in total. So when Harmonix recently teased that “you’ll be surprised at just how big Rock band 3 really is,” it looks like they literally meant it in terms of the ridiculous amount of physical space it will take up in your living quarters.


Darksiders & LEGO Rockband

I got my Darksiders just about 2 days ago. I have to say it’s a good game, basically in this game you will see similarity from games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and God of War. Don’t get me wrong here, similarity doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. The art is drawn by Joe Mad who is one of my favorite comic artist. I would say it’s worth getting and it’s not really expensive. On the other hand, I finally have the LEGO Rockband. Sweet song list! Though I got to say the avatar customization is a bit too limit. Other than that, the LEGOs are real charming. And by the way, 131 downloaded songs in my Rockband 2!

GameMania@The Spring


Update (08/09/09): The shop is finally stable and finished renovated.
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