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Sony Walkman W252 Camouflage

After a long wait I finally received this little Walkman. Here’s some sort review I made and taken from other review site. This Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Sony Walkman W252 comes with the special Camouflage and also 6 songs from the game’s soundtrack.

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Killzone 3 teaser trailer is finally here. I can see a lot of brutal close combat in the teaser. Go watch it now!

Sony Expo 2010

Today I was suppose to revise all my concept art designs but instead I went to Sony Expo 2010 with my friends at Mid Valley. Sony Expo 2010 is all about giving audience a chance to experience what it is like to watch movie or play video games in 3D. Also they also give us experience on the next gen gaming on PS3 and PSPgo.

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How are you Final Fantasy Fans?

Final Fantasy have been out for 3 days already. Sadly my copy was only sent out 2 days ago by Play-Asia and should be arriving in another 3 days. How are you guys spending times with your beloved Final Fantasy XIII?

PS 15th Bday