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Sony Walkman W252 Camouflage

After a long wait I finally received this little Walkman. Here’s some sort review I made and taken from other review site. This Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Sony Walkman W252 comes with the special Camouflage and also 6 songs from the game’s soundtrack.

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Metal Gear Solid 3D

Ladies and gentlemen, here you have the Nintendo 3DS unveiled! More details by clicking “continue reading”!

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UT is collaborating with Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. I bought one of their T-Shirt based on Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. You can see the other designs here!

p/s: I don’t have a model’s body, so I hope you guys don’t mind.

Here I have the Japan version of the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Premium Playstation Portable. So basically the premium set you have the camouflage themed PSP, a pouch, a hand strap, a cleaning cloth and the game itself. Click more to see a small gallery below.

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Peace Is OUT In Japan

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was out officially yesterday at Japan, unfortunately for North America would the 8th of June. I will be receive my PSP Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Premium Pack in another week. Peace Walker will be the first Metal Gear title for a portable platform directed by series’ creator Hideo Kojima. The story will take place following the events of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, which were both prequels to the original Metal Gear, and will once again star Naked Snake. Peace Walker’s original title was Metal Gear Solid 5: Peace Walker. The development team working on Peace Walker is as large as the team that worked on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Source from Wikipedia.

Up Close With Metal Gear Arcade

You can touch it! It’s playable right now. At the AOU arcade game expo in Japan, Konami wheeled out Metal Gear Arcade demo cabinets.The networked online Metal Gear game features 3D, 5.1 sound, a gun controller and a head tracking controller. Check out those 3D glasses! I really hope one day I could play it once!

Gameplay footage here and here. Source from Kotaku!