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Star Ocean 4 & White Knight Chronicle

Well PS3 folks! This month you have 2 Japanese RPGs that you guys have been waiting for. Star Ocean 4 and White Knight Chronicle with both in International Edition. Here’s the loves and hates. Star Ocean 4 still remain the way as it is, typical Japanese RPGs with town, dungeon exploration. The hates, although Star Ocean 4 PS3 ver. have slightly graphic improvement over the 360 ver. but still I think the polygons is a bit too rough and color is too contrast. Nonetheless, it’s still a good game to pick up. The Star Ocean 4 comes with a preorder visual book. On the other side, White Knight Chronicle is surprising fun, though it may not seem to be suitable for everyone, but having to create your very own avatar and use it in offline/online which is very cool. Going online with up to 3 friends will make you even more motivate to level up and complete quest together. Unfortunately, the battle system could be a little repetitive and slow. Other than that, it’s just nice. If you like MMORPG, White Knight Chronicle would be the game for you that last for months.

The Fallen


This what you called The Fallen? Hell no. This is what I call The Fallen.

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MBO Cinema @ The Spring


Yesterday, 09.09.09 was the grand opening for the MBO Cinema at The Spring. Many went to the Cinema and went,”Woah!”, as this may seems to be the biggest cinema in the East Malaysia. As for me, I got to say this must one of best of all ever in Kuching, the setting, everything looks so luxury.

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GameMania@The Spring


Update (08/09/09): The shop is finally stable and finished renovated.
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Momotoys began it’s debut on the newly opened 2nd floor this morning at The Spring. The opening wasn’t that grand as the cinema, MBO is delyaed to 9th of September. But they do sell their member card that given benefits to movie-holics. Anyway, I’m here to talk about Momotoys.
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