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Killzone 3 teaser trailer is finally here. I can see a lot of brutal close combat in the teaser. Go watch it now!

Sony hopes to fix the PlayStation 3-stalling 8001050F error in a day. But, if you have a fat PS3, do not use it for 24 hours. The news came in Sony’s first comprehensive statement about the error plaguing PS3s worldwide.

This is just a notice to PS3 Owners who are experiencing problems with PSN, mostly error code 8001050F. As of right now, some games like Heavy Rain, cannot be accessed because it has something to do with the trophies, so it’s kicking people back to the XMB. I’ll update more when more information becomes available. Also, time and date setting have been revert back to 31st December 1999 for some PS3 Phat users.

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Darksiders & LEGO Rockband

I got my Darksiders just about 2 days ago. I have to say it’s a good game, basically in this game you will see similarity from games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and God of War. Don’t get me wrong here, similarity doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. The art is drawn by Joe Mad who is one of my favorite comic artist. I would say it’s worth getting and it’s not really expensive. On the other hand, I finally have the LEGO Rockband. Sweet song list! Though I got to say the avatar customization is a bit too limit. Other than that, the LEGOs are real charming. And by the way, 131 downloaded songs in my Rockband 2!

White Playstation 3 Slim with the words “Final Fantasy XIII” imprint on it. Probably everyone already knew what it is.

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So Many Games So Little Time

With all the waits, all 3 JRPG games that I have been waiting for are all here. Tales of Vesperia were supposed to arrived on October but something went wrong with the shipping on the way here and been delayed till now. Semester break is really suppose to the time for me to find some cash to spare.

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How are you Final Fantasy Fans?

Final Fantasy have been out for 3 days already. Sadly my copy was only sent out 2 days ago by Play-Asia and should be arriving in another 3 days. How are you guys spending times with your beloved Final Fantasy XIII?

Uncharted 2 is OUT!


After the long wait, Uncharted 2: Among Theives is finally OUT! Grab one at your gaming specialized shop near you today! I can’t wait to receive mine tomorrow! That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and see you!