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E3 2010 Live Stream

Just a few hours to go for the 1st E3 Conference by Microsoft!

Are you ready? Here are the schedule time for Malaysian Time
E3 2010 Microsoft (Monday, June 14 @ 10:00am PDT) Tuesday, 15/6/2010 @ 1:00am MYT
E3 2010 Nintendo (Tuesday, June 15 @ 9:00am PDT) Wednesday, 16/6/2010 @ 12:00am MYT
E3 2010 Sony (Tuesday, June 15 @ 12:00pm PDT) Wednesday, 16/6/2010 @ 3:00am MYT

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I must admit I took many of bad photos with my camera with such a distant seat from the stage but I’ve already tried my best and so far this is by far what I got best. So here’s some photos to be shared on the Malaysia’s 1st Video Game Orchestra happening on the 17th of April at KL Convention Center. Presenting the Video Games Live!

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Yesterday was the best night ever, after weeks of loaded assignments and projects. The show is full of epic wins and therefore I would like to show you guys some sneak peak 1st before I proceed with the others photos. 3 more days till my semester break starts! Also I get to meet and greet Norihiko Hibino personally and he signed my Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker booklet from TGS2009. Anyway click to see more sneak peak!

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Sorry, no Minorin photos this time because we are not allowed to take any photos and videos. Still in the end I really enjoyed Minorin’s concert as it’s my 1st ever live concert. Indeed I was very thrilled about Minorin and her live concert!

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