Yesterday, 09.09.09 was the grand opening for the MBO Cinema at The Spring. Many went to the Cinema and went,”Woah!”, as this may seems to be the biggest cinema in the East Malaysia. As for me, I got to say this must one of best of all ever in Kuching, the setting, everything looks so luxury.


Located at the second floor of the mall, the long-anticipated eight-screen cineplex has over 1,500 seats. It also boasts the biggest 3D digital projector hall that can accommodate 350 movie-goers in one sitting. In an exclusive tour for members of the press yesterday, Chief Operating Officer Ikmal Nizam Ariffin said that MBO Cinemas came in at the right time for Kuching, as the city had not had a new cinema in more than 10 years. “Kuching needs more screens, a new cineplex with the latest technology and fittings that offer movie-goers the best movie experience,” he said. The 3D digital hall is equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems Dolby Digital Surround EX’ that aims to give its patrons an almost real experience for their listening pleasure. With comfortable and ergonomic seats, everyone can sit back and enjoy their movies fully. In addition, MBO is also the first and only cinema in East Malaysia to accommodate a couple’ hall, which comes with twin seats sold in pairs, certainly good news to couples out there. Each of the eight halls has its own distinctive theme and colours to create a unique ambience, including a pseudo-Greco theme, opera house theme, retro theme and more. Movie-goers can watch movies in a smoke-free and spacious environment.






Too bad I wasn’t there for the Grand Opening as I’m already back in KL. But I’m definitely going to watch Avatar when I’m going back to Kuching in December. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and see you!

p/s: Photos are credited to Antonia Chiam & Jason Wee