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Yeap! You heard me right! The FREE Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is Region Lock! I have tried with both US and JP Nintendo 3DS and it doesnt work both ways. Not only that, I’ve also tried with EU Nintendo DSi and it’s also Region Lock too. What a bummer. Anyway, it’s free in all region Nintendo DSi Shop and also Nintendo eShop. Get it while it’s still free.

Nintendo DSi LL

Red Wine Nintendo DSi LL just arrived today and I finally got a chance to check it out. I must say the say is obviously a lot bigger than the Nintendo DSi and also Nintendo DS lite. Using my camera phone, so picture quality might be lowered down.

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The Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days had been released since 30th May 2009. While waiting patiently for the America release, I had purchased down the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Protect Case DSi, produced by Hori.
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