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大コン2009 Flickr


Hello readers! Photos from DaiCon09 had already uploaded to my Flickr and Facebook. Enjoy the photos and leave a comment if you could. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and see you!




Sorry, no Minorin photos this time because we are not allowed to take any photos and videos. Still in the end I really enjoyed Minorin’s concert as it’s my 1st ever live concert. Indeed I was very thrilled about Minorin and her live concert!

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Daicon 2009 had finally come to an end!  As for the 2nd day, it’s a little quieter compare to the 1st day. But good news is there are surprisingly lots of cosplayer on the 2nd day. Also, Dance Trooper is here to say hi with moe style.

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大コン2009 Day 1


Daicon 2009 Day 1 has ended. It was quite a hard journey for us to go there from Pasar Seni as we are relying on public transport all the way to MMU. Daicon 2009 is pratically my 1st large scale anime convention so far. The overall environment was okay, usual dim lighting like Fusion 2009 was. I had fun with photography stuff, even though I’m not an official media people.

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