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Anime Gathering 2009

The 3rd ever organized Anime Gathering 2009 in Kuching is finally over. I’m sure every anime fans find the gathering fun with all the dance and singing around. Actually this is my 1st attend to Anime Gathering as the previous wasn’t really much suit onto my schedule. Anyway, hope you enjoy the small photos gallery of Anime Gathering 2009 happenings below.

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My Room Setup Oct 09


Just got myself a new Samsung 32″ HDTV Series 6, I must say I’m very pleased with the outcome of the TV. Now I no longer use my friend’s LCD monitor and I’m on my own. So here it is, my new room setup for the mean time. Thanks for viewing and see you!

The Fallen


This what you called The Fallen? Hell no. This is what I call The Fallen.

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MBO Cinema @ The Spring


Yesterday, 09.09.09 was the grand opening for the MBO Cinema at The Spring. Many went to the Cinema and went,”Woah!”, as this may seems to be the biggest cinema in the East Malaysia. As for me, I got to say this must one of best of all ever in Kuching, the setting, everything looks so luxury.

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Human Alliance Skids


I was working at my friend’s hobby shop and heard there will be a Human Alliance (HA) Skids coming on the way. So I took this chance to reserve one myself when the stock arrived this morning. Surprisingly, the stock for HA Skids are very very little. Overall the HA Skids is really awesome. Of course there are pros and cons to the action figure itself. But even you are going to read the rest, I recommend you to get it. Especially if you already have owned the other HA series.

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Bon Odori 2009


Yesterday was the first time I’ve been to Bon Odori, I must say it’s fun and hot. But due to the weather, it’s very hot and quite hasty. Having difficulty taking photos as the dim weather. Aschia, Nicholas and me went to KLCC and forwarded to Bon Odori and reached around 6.30pm. Thanks to the free shuttle bus from Shah Alam KTM to Bon Odori, it makes our trip to there easier. Alrighty, enjoy the mini photo gallery.

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大コン2009 Flickr


Hello readers! Photos from DaiCon09 had already uploaded to my Flickr and Facebook. Enjoy the photos and leave a comment if you could. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and see you!



Sorry, no Minorin photos this time because we are not allowed to take any photos and videos. Still in the end I really enjoyed Minorin’s concert as it’s my 1st ever live concert. Indeed I was very thrilled about Minorin and her live concert!

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Daicon 2009 had finally come to an end!  As for the 2nd day, it’s a little quieter compare to the 1st day. But good news is there are surprisingly lots of cosplayer on the 2nd day. Also, Dance Trooper is here to say hi with moe style.

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大コン2009 Day 1


Daicon 2009 Day 1 has ended. It was quite a hard journey for us to go there from Pasar Seni as we are relying on public transport all the way to MMU. Daicon 2009 is pratically my 1st large scale anime convention so far. The overall environment was okay, usual dim lighting like Fusion 2009 was. I had fun with photography stuff, even though I’m not an official media people.

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