I was working at my friend’s hobby shop and heard there will be a Human Alliance (HA) Skids coming on the way. So I took this chance to reserve one myself when the stock arrived this morning. Surprisingly, the stock for HA Skids are very very little. Overall the HA Skids is really awesome. Of course there are pros and cons to the action figure itself. But even you are going to read the rest, I recommend you to get it. Especially if you already have owned the other HA series.


Overall, the HA Skids is almost accurate with great coloring. I like how the way the HA Skid transform, it’s very interesting. The car mode is very nice as well. Sorry I did not take a picture of the car, I did not have my camera with me when I was transforming it at the hobby shop. I tried to transformed it back to vehicle mode but I got lazy. The flaw of this HA Skids is the car window are not adjustable, the car window are only allowed to push forward and backward. Another one are the both hands, they have very limit articulation.


Also HA Skids comes with Arcee and Mikaela which you can see she is actually riding on Arcee and Arcee can be transform as well with a very simple transformation. Again, I was lazy to go through the progress of transforming it back to bike, I prefer Arcee to be that way. About the human figure, I was never happy with all the HA Humans. That’s all for now. Sorry I did not take much shooting photos of the HA Skids and the rest. Thanks for reading and see you.