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Gaming Clothing for Geeks!

Hey, being a geek isn’t that all bad. I got myself 2 World of Warcraft T-shirts off from J!NX, eventhough I don’t play WoW anymore but I still love their art and designs. Another I got from Play-Asia which is the Final Fantasy XIII Odin T-shirt which got sold out, but too bad Japan cutting is too small for me even it’s in size L. Interested to get some of those? Head over to J!NX or Play-Asia now to have a look!


So Many Games So Little Time

With all the waits, all 3 JRPG games that I have been waiting for are all here. Tales of Vesperia were supposed to arrived on October but something went wrong with the shipping on the way here and been delayed till now. Semester break is really suppose to the time for me to find some cash to spare.

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How are you Final Fantasy Fans?

Final Fantasy have been out for 3 days already. Sadly my copy was only sent out 2 days ago by Play-Asia and should be arriving in another 3 days. How are you guys spending times with your beloved Final Fantasy XIII?