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I'm on OTACOOL3!


Uploaded for the lulz and did not expect to be selected. Picture taken by my friend, Joseph. Thanks! On the other side, OTACOOL3 is now still available at Amazon Japan. Go get it now! Also, I will be also moving my blog soon as my friend does not want to continue this domain.


Sony Walkman W252 Camouflage

After a long wait I finally received this little Walkman. Here’s some sort review I made and taken from other review site. This Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Sony Walkman W252 comes with the special Camouflage and also 6 songs from the game’s soundtrack.

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It’s been a while since I updated. Been really busy with my school and such. Anyway, I finally got my BlazBlue Continuum Shift from AmiAmi. Here’s is some photo gallery of what inside this BlazBlue Continuum Shift Limited Box.

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Please note that game titles are subject to change.

Ladies and gentlemen, here you have the Nintendo 3DS unveiled! More details by clicking “continue reading”!

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E3 2010 Live Stream

Just a few hours to go for the 1st E3 Conference by Microsoft!

Are you ready? Here are the schedule time for Malaysian Time
E3 2010 Microsoft (Monday, June 14 @ 10:00am PDT) Tuesday, 15/6/2010 @ 1:00am MYT
E3 2010 Nintendo (Tuesday, June 15 @ 9:00am PDT) Wednesday, 16/6/2010 @ 12:00am MYT
E3 2010 Sony (Tuesday, June 15 @ 12:00pm PDT) Wednesday, 16/6/2010 @ 3:00am MYT

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Rock Band 3 Unveiled!

Update (June 11th): More information for screenshot and the new peripheral.

Hold on to your hats folks… here’s the first look at in-game footage of Rock Band 3.

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Killzone 3 teaser trailer is finally here. I can see a lot of brutal close combat in the teaser. Go watch it now!

Keyboard on RB3

That’s right folks, RB3 comes with keyboard. When the time you play the song “Won’t get fool again”, during the solo keyboard part you just cant get the feeling of a need for a keyboard to play instead everyone there waiting. This shows up at the end of the Green Days: Rock Band demo. That means that when playing a full band in Rock Band 3, you’ll apparently have guitar, bass, drums, lead vocals, two back-up vocals, and keyboard — seven people in total. So when Harmonix recently teased that “you’ll be surprised at just how big Rock band 3 really is,” it looks like they literally meant it in terms of the ridiculous amount of physical space it will take up in your living quarters.