Today I was suppose to revise all my concept art designs but instead I went to Sony Expo 2010 with my friends at Mid Valley. Sony Expo 2010 is all about giving audience a chance to experience what it is like to watch movie or play video games in 3D. Also they also give us experience on the next gen gaming on PS3 and PSPgo.

I couldn’t help it after I head from my friend that Sony Expo 2010 have Rock Band competition but turns out that it’s a small challenge. A guy was playing drums with me playing guitar and we manage to clear the song “Smooth Criminal” and we both won a Playstation windbreaker. I was actually expecting a competition but turned out I enjoy myself playing on the stage. Overall, I can see expo in Malaysia is getting better and better. I have fun, learned and experienced alot of new 3D stuff today and if you live nearby, go. Today as in 4th of April will be the last day for this Sony Expo, so don’t miss this chance!

p/s: I forgot to bring my DSLR. Pictures are all credited to Ninja aka Zainal. Thanks!