As expected from Tim Burton, I think he did really well twisting the original animation Alice in Wonderland back in the 80s. I watched it on 3D and to be honest, it’s my 2nd time watching 3D film in cinema. The color variant is wonderful but I wish there’s more difference shown in the film because everything looks like occupied in 3D. Nonetheless, the story is fun and I like how the way they design those characters. Somehow, I wished Tim Burton actually emphasize more on the important characters such as the White Queen. Click more to read the synopsis.

In the film, Alice is now 19 years old and accidentally returns to Underland, a place she previously visited 13 years ago. She is told that she is the only one that can slay the Jabberwocky, a dragon controlled by the Red Queen. Burton said the original Wonderland story was always about a girl wandering around from one character to another and he never felt a connection emotionally, so he wanted to make it feel more like a story than a series of events. He doesn’t see this as a sequel to previous films or a re-imagining.

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