Momotoys began it’s debut on the newly opened 2nd floor this morning at The Spring. The opening wasn’t that grand as the cinema, MBO is delyaed to 9th of September. But they do sell their member card that given benefits to movie-holics. Anyway, I’m here to talk about Momotoys.


It was a hell for us as The Spring management only allowed us to move our stocks up only around 1pm and we do have a lot of stocks lying inside boxes. So there we have Ben, our boss, Joseph and me to bring the stock all the way from the basement ground that we used to work at.




After moving stocks the whole day, we were beat. Thanks to Amias who came around 11pm to help us out. We ended around 1.30am, in the end we just pile up the smaller stocks and dumped them into the closet. As for this morning, there were reporters walking around to interview each shops.


Our little group photo, thanks to Cherdass. From right Wee Lun, Ben, Me, Joseph and Amias. That conclude my post, back to my work. Thanks for reading and see you.