Sorry, no Minorin photos this time because we are not allowed to take any photos and videos. Still in the end I really enjoyed Minorin’s concert as it’s my 1st ever live concert. Indeed I was very thrilled about Minorin and her live concert!


The AWSM ticket holder’s seat contain 2 glow sticks, one red and one blue, a flag of Minorin LIVE @ Daicon, one awesomely done manual instruction by the Minorin Smile Seasons (M.S.S.), they come all the way from Japan to support Minorin. The concert is awesome and priceless! The concert took about 1 1/2 hours. After waving stick for too strong and long, my hand is aching now. But! It worth everything! After 3 songs, she introduced herself, “Apa khabar semua? Name saya Chihara Minori.” (How are you all? My name is Chihara Minori) She also picked up some Malay phrase like Terima Kasih (Thank you). A few fans actually burst their glow sticks due to the jumping and shacking along with the tempo.

After the 10th song, Minorin left the stage and the M.S.S. people start shouting エンコル!エンコル!(Encore!) Slowly, fans slowly picked up and shouted along. Minorin reappeared with lovely Malaysian traditional clothes, the Kebaya. She is so pretty on the Kebaya! She then performed 3 encore songs, she told us that the last song she sang was specially dedicated to us and was not on the original program, the song named Contact 13. I actually almost cried out tears of joy. I just can’t describe how awesome the concert really was!

Thank you Minorin! We will miss you!