Daicon 2009 had finally come to an end!  As for the 2nd day, it’s a little quieter compare to the 1st day. But good news is there are surprisingly lots of cosplayer on the 2nd day. Also, Dance Trooper is here to say hi with moe style.


Cosplayers on the 2nd days show big improvement from the 1st day. I believe I’m spending almost 90% of the time requesting and taking photos of the cosplayers. Good or bad, it doesn’t matters a lot, it’s what they are passionate at. 2nd day suppose to have a group cosplay event but I did not see it coming. The event might canceled as I myself don’t see many group cosplayers around or simply time isn’t enough for the Daicon committee. Anyway, picture spamming tiem!



Just kidding. However, things at Daicon did not go as smooth as it seems.There were a Doujin Booth Rage as booth owners was raged because the light on Day 2 was turned off even without a notice. Including kidchan, was very unhappy and unlikely will not come back to Daicon in the future. Back to the Minorin’s concert, on the 1st day the used a blue partition to block the stage off, and it became the infamous Wall of Hate. Little did the one outside know, the committee brought a metal barricade on day 2 to block another layer.  Comments from other blog said, “It’s highly unlikely anyone would want to push over the partitions just to get a glimpse of Minorin (face it, most of the die-hard fans would’ve bought a ticket, by hook or crook) so why bring out the metal barricades?”


I hope such thing will not happen in the future. That’s all for now. I’ll leave another Dance Trooper (working ver.) here. For other pictures I took during Daicon09. I will post it on my flikr, but it might takes a while to upload all of them. Thanks for reading and see you!