Daicon 2009 Day 1 has ended. It was quite a hard journey for us to go there from Pasar Seni as we are relying on public transport all the way to MMU. Daicon 2009 is pratically my 1st large scale anime convention so far. The overall environment was okay, usual dim lighting like Fusion 2009 was. I had fun with photography stuff, even though I’m not an official media people.


Asides that, cosplayers are too little. But overall, they did their best. Hopefully, I will see more cosplayers later, waiting for me to take a snapshot. I’m sure you wanted to see how the Haruhi looks like as so, so many photographers were taking photos of her.


I’m surprised on the appearance of the Dance Trooper, famed by the famous blogger, DannyChoo. But the cosplayer is actually Freeman. He did a very good job after all! Not to forget Mario, he’s just so entertaining and hilarious.


Finally, after a few hours of snapping photos, the real deal is here! It’s the Chihara Minori’s Q&A Panel and also getting her signature! I must say I was very thrilled. Thanks to Ian for lending me Minorin’s Contact Album 1st to be used on the Q&A Panel.


Somehow Ian and I managed to grab some close shots of Minorin, not as good as the other photographers with huge gun but I happy enough to be able to take a photo this close! That all for short preview for Daicon 2009 Day 1. Later will be the Minorin’s concert! Can’t wait! Thanks for reading and see you!